How it Works

The Animal Health Network is a state-adaptable, local network concept connecting under served populations of non-commercial, backyard, and hobbyist livestock and poultry owners with vital animal disease related alerts and information from the State Veterinarian through their local feed retailer via the existing Extension system for the protection of our food and agriculture infrastructure.

AHN - How It Works Image

 Establishing & sustaining the Animal Health Network requires the local Extension educator or Feed Manufacturer Points of Contact to …

  • Develop a relationship with local feed retailers.
  • Explain Animal Health Network concept to the feed retailers.
  • Recruit feed retailers to participate.
  • Gain commitment and pass along messages.
  • Gather contact information.
  • Compile information in a county database.
  • Maintain relationships and database.
  • Report any changes in the number of participating feed retailers in their county.