Feed Retailer Roles & Responsibilities

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Phase 1: Feed Retailers

To Establish the Network:

  1. Agree to participate
  2. Provide local Extension educator with current contact information – NOTE: Feed Retailer contact information is maintained at the local level only.
  3. Inform/educate customers about the Animal Health Network – (Information is available at http://animalhealthnetwork.org )
  4. Participate in at least 2 tests of the state Animal Health Network while the Network is being established – NOTE: Test messages will be marked “Test or Exercise Only” and are “not” to be forwarded customers.

Phase 2: Feed Retailers

Test the Network

  1. “DO NOT” relay the State Veterinarian’s test message(s) to customers during this test phase of the Animal Health Network
  2. Provide local Extension educator with date and time State Veterinarian test message was received from local Extension educator – (An IIAD-supported on-line evaluation tool is under construction for use by your state)

Phase 3: Feed Retailers

Maintaining the Network

  1. Participate in at least one test per year of established Animal Health Network in September – National Preparedness Month
  2. Provide local Extension Educator with updated feed retailer contact information when changes occur
  3. Relay the State Veterinarian’s message(s) received from local Extension Educator to customers during actual Animal Health Network activation
  4. During an actual activation of the Animal Health Network, relay the date and time the State Veterinarian’s message was received from the local Extension Educator

Download the Full Step-by-Step Guidance for Establishing, Testing, and Maintaining the Animal Health Network (Adobe PDF)