Sharing the Concept

Following is a list of possible venues to share the Animal Health Network concept:

  • Types of Venues
    There are many different venues that can be used to share the Animal Health Network. In fact, it is often best to share the concept in settings that are natural instead of creating a special meeting to present the concept. Examples include: livestock workshops, administrative meetings, youth camps, trail rides, judging contests, and picnics.
  • What is the best venue?
    The “best” venue is one that allows the participants to relate the Animal Health Network to their own situation. Therefore, venues that relate to animal agriculture can be especially effective. Look for opportunities where the Animal Health Network can be shared while critical information is being presented about particular animal care, animal diseases, or overall animal health.
  • Who should share the concept?
    It is critical that local individuals, Extension educators and feed retail managers share the concept. Individuals are less likely to be interested in the concept when it comes from someone outside of their community.

In order to better equip those sharing the Animal Health Network concept the following materials are available in downloadable formats (customizable where relevant).